The backpackOne.2 is a compact mini-ITX enclosure designed for versatile use in educational institutions, libraries, museums, call centers, and more. This intelligent, space-saving design allows for mounting the computer discreetly behind a monitor, beneath a desktop, or even on a wall.

Key Features:

Experience efficiency and security with the backpackOne.2, a reliable solution for optimizing space and functionality in various environments.


The enclosures are fully customizable in color and print

The factory can accommodate a maximum of two discreetly hidden USB ports, accessible only by the designated keyholder. Unlocking the connector hood and removing four screws are necessary steps for access. These USB ports are versatile and can be utilized for various purposes, including connecting:

This design prioritizes security by restricting access to the hidden USB ports, ensuring that only authorized individuals with the designated key can utilize them for specific purposes.


This box offers users convenient access to USB and audio ports. It can be directly mounted on our monitor stands or, with the support of the adapter, on the original monitor stand.

Key Features:

key options

Key powerswitch

Single Key Number for All backpackOne Units: All units will be keyed alike, using the same key for convenient and uniform access.

Individual Key Numbers for Each backpackOne Unit: Each backpackOne will be configured with a unique key number, providing individualized security for each unit.

Customers can choose the keying option that best aligns with their preferences and security requirements.

Introducing our robust monitor stand designed for monitors up to 24 inches. This stand offers adjustable height settings and accommodates VESA 75 or 100 mounting. The monitor can be mounted in both horizontal and vertical orientations to suit your preferences. Key features include:

Elevate your monitor experience with this solid and adaptable stand, providing both functionality and protection for your workspace.